Thursday, August 5, 2010

Final Result of CSS-2009 Announced

The Final Result of Competitive Examination (CSS) Pakistan, 2009 announced yesterday. The Summary of the result is as under:

Candidates Applied: 9056
Candidates Appeared: 5707 (63 %)
Candidates Passed (Written Part): 0905 (15.85 %)
Finally Qualified: 0895 (15.68 %)
Male Candidates: 0683 (76.31 %)
Female Candidates: 0212 (23.69 %)
Disabled Candidate: 0001

For detailed List of Candidates with their roll numbers and merit order, Click here

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Final Result of CSS 2008

The Federal Public Service Commission Pakistan (FPSC) happened to announce the result of the Competitive Examination 2008 (CSS) today. According to the result of 6571 candidtes who applied, 4247 appeared in the Examination. Among the candidates who appeared, 689 passed written and from them 684 were declared passed finally.

The detailed Result of Competitive Examination 2008 (CSS) can be found at 'The Competitive Exams Forum'.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Competitive Exams Preparation Forum Launched

This post is meant to introduce you to The Competitive Examination Preparation (CEP) Forum launched recently to help those who want to prepare for CSS and other competitive Examination in Pakistan.

Having passed Central Superior Services (CSS) Examination Pakistan, I feel that, simply studying is not enough. We need to understand the art of passing it and it is only possible when one has a guide who can provide him with timely advice on preparation related issues. For that matter, I happened to start a series of advice columns that received a very encouraging response by my readers and it kept me motivated to continue writing. To me, this was not enough. I always wanted to go for a better option but limited time never allowed me to run an extra mile. The things went on as such until Prometheus came up with idea of starting a CSS related forum. I was impressed with his work plan and motivation so agreed to help him out with all my heart and soul. Time proved that Prometheus was serious when he discussed this idea with me so with his firm determination he has started this Forum named “The Competitive Exams Preparation (CEP) Forum”. The Competitive Exams Preparation Forum aka The CEP Forum at the moment is passing through its beta but it has already a good collection of material on almost everything related to Competitive Exams Preparation. In this post I will provide you a detailed insight.

The Forum is divided in six categories namely:

  • General
  • The Central Superior Services Examination
  • The Competitive Examinations other than CSS
  • Miscellaneous opportunities
  • Past Papers and learning Resource
  • Common Room


It is place for general discussions, news and article sharing, introductions, everything and anything one can imagine. Simply, the user can post the things of general interest out here for everybody to see and discuss.

The Central Superior Services Examination

This place is a heaven for those who are aiming to get through CSS examination. One can find CSS FAQs, information about compulsory and optional subjects around. Moreover, one can share his experience, tips and tricks around. Apart from this, if you have some query related to CSS, you can post it here.

The Competitive Examinations other than CSS

Besides CSS, there are several other Competitive Exams in Pakistan and this category helps those who want to go for them. In this category, one can find information about exams like PMS, PCS, Ministry of defence Jobs, Judiciary etc. Apart from this, a board is dedicated to ISSB exam for recruitment in Pakistan Army, Navy and Airforce.

Miscellaneous opportunities

This category deals with Scholarships, Jobs and other related opportunities.

Past Papers and learning Resource

In this category, the past papers of CSS and other competitive exams are shared with the forum user. Apart from this, learning resources like websites etc are also shared by users here. In this category, the Boards for Past Papers are read only and one need to register before gaining access.

Common Room

Last but not least, the category named Common Room is a hang out for all those who are tired ready serious things. One can share Islamic information, General Knowledge, Poetry, Jokes, do informal chit chat aka Gup Shup, wish fellow member birthdays and tons of other things. Moreover, board for Site Feedback is included in this category so that users can put forward their suggestion and ideas for improvement.

Lastly, I would like to say that this forum has just started and I see a strong growth potential in it to meet preparation related requirements of aspirants. I personally think and encourage all my readers to join this forum for exploiting it to meet their CSS help and guidance needs. Moreover, I have agreed to visit them frequently so one can catch me there time to time for assistance on regular basis seven 5 days a week since weekends are mine and I wish to spend them my way.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Prepare for CSS Pakistan with Dr.Farrukh-16

Sir how r u hope fine sir i watn to take your help here i am totally confused now beocz of that i am not able to stand for a decision of doing a master .i ma not able to take my master subject that in which i have to do master . sir i have done graduation in g.math and economics and i wantr to do css in future so sir i have a program of doing mba and after that i will apper in css so sugest me that is it good for me in doing css or sir i have a plan of doing master in english litrature so sir tell me which feild is better for me in respect of css and which i have to adopt so sir kindly give me a sugestion as your son and tell me which i have to take and get command on the subject so take care havea nice time waiitng for your response.

Ahmed Shaukat

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CSS 2009 is going to start from March 14, 2009

It is advertised by the Federal Public Service Commission Pakistan (FPSC) that the Competitive Examinations 2009 for recruitment posts of BS-17 in Central Superior Serives (CSS) of Pakistan are going to start simulataneously at 21centers throughout Pakistan on March 14, 2009. The forms with rules and syllabus will be available at all the from November 24, 2008 and the closing date for submission of form is January 1, 2009.

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Prepare for CSS with Dr. Farrukh-15

Dear readers,

Before replying your query we would like to say that in most of the cases, queries we use to receive are already answered in FAQs. Below is the list of all those who happened to write to us and we think that they can find replies to their questions in FAQs. Therefore, they are requested to please access the CSS FAQs here. Moreover, it is requested to all the old and new aspirants, who are visitors of Silence that in future please do check FAQs before submitting your queries. It will help us reduce work burden.

Thanks and Regards,

Team Silence

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Prepare for CSS Pakistan with Dr.Farrukh-14

hope you are in the best of your health..thanks alot for your reply…i found it very answered all my questions as exactly as i wanted to hear from someone i am seeking for guidance. because you know if you ask wrong kind of people they can totally detrack you from your goal in their effort for HELP. but you saved me from that.thanks would you please kindly let me know which books you followed for compulsory subjects as well? and do you think it could be help full that i share my daily write ups and analysis with the the newspaper’s ‘reader’s corner’? i mean we do discuss day to day abt wats happening around us and always have opinions about almost everything whats hot and whats not, is it important to have an experts opinion on my thoughts?as i might not be seeing things from the right perspective. i hope you are understanding my point. one last thing, what are you doing these days…we all know now what subjects you chose and the fact that u provide wonderful guidance. but are you currently associated with civil services or providing your nobel services of guidance only? because i didnt happen to read anywhere about what group you chose after passing. Although what you are doing is a great job..but out of curiosity i’d like to know…if you dont mind. and if you find anything offending you r welcumed to ignore it at once.will try to keep in touch for seeking further your guidance.
thanxx and good luck with your life.Allah Hafiz
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